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Decontaminate shared items safely

28 October 2020

AS THE pandemic continues to affect our lives, and the increase in disposables becomes an increasing environmental problem with shocking statistics about the number of waste facemasks now in the oceans with a damming report from the World Economic Forum.

Ozone or O3, is an environmentally friendly natural gas. O3 attaches itself to bacteria, fungus, germs, odours, and other contaminants and, at the molecular level, destroys the cell wall. This process eliminates the containment while reverting the ozone back to oxygen.

Ozone has been used in many applications, such as wastewater treatment since 1906, and since then it has been used across many more industries including hospitality, rentals, breweries, sports centres and more. 

Ozone can penetrate deep into materials such as textiles for a safe and thorough decontamination. 

Justrite Hermetically Sealed Ozone Cabinet

Justrite’s airtight cabinet uses ozone to deodorize and decontaminate products such as PPE, clothing or gear. Ozone kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, penetrating materials. Justrite’s Hermetically Sealed Ozone Cabinet is perfect where cleaning systems which use heat or moisture are cumbersome or not recommended.

  • Fully airtight and easy to use – simply place what you want to decontaminate inside the cabinet, close the doors and press start.

  • Allows disinfection of tools, PPE, instruments, clothing, books, textiles, wherever it is not feasible to use systems that use heat or chemicals

  • Ideal for use in schools, libraries, work and storage areas, medical and dental offices, stores, hotels, and more

  • Contains an oxygen catalyst to speed up degeneration of ozone to oxygen for quicker treatment cycles

Justrite designs and manufactures a series of ozone generator systems for a safe and effective decontamination treatment with no harmful by-products using patented technologies for dual-range-controlled dosing ozone generators and ASPozone air treatment filters and oxygen concentrators. 

Our ozone generators focus on key features in relation to safety for the operator and the environment, and reliability with a fully automated process that ensures recorded and certifiable treatments. 

To find out more about the full range Justrite range of ozone disinfection products visit us at eu.justrite.com/v-defence