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Boosting safety with translated information

06 January 2022

RITE-HITE has introduced a series of signs and flyers in multiple languages for international drivers to support the correct operation of the safety equipment in loading bay environments, and notably its Global Wheel-Lok vehicle restraint.

It is part of the company’s ongoing drive to embed a culture of ‘safety first’ within the loading bay environment, and which will be explored in further literature over the next 12 months.

Many drivers may not be familiar with the equipment and may not have English as their first language. To address a potential safety issue, Rite-Hite is providing literature that helps anyone using its systems for the first time to fully understand how those systems operate, reducing the risk of accidents and increasing their safe operation.

As an expert in loading bay safety, Rite-Hite is acutely aware of the multi-national, and therefore the multi-lingual, nature of the logistics business and is determined to make sure its systems are straightforward to use for all nationalities.

Thorsten Mauritz, marketing manager (Europe) at Rite-Hite, says thinking out of the box is essential: “At Rite-Hite we provide pragmatic solutions and advanced technologies, and we strive to support our customers.

“Ensuring all the instructions and signs are in multiple languages, including many Eastern-European languages like Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, and Lithuanian, will allow for a safer, more efficient operation. We can also provide other languages on request to reflect the increasingly global make-up of our audience.”

Rite-Hite will publish a comprehensive guide to Loading Dock Safety giving facility managers an in-depth overview of recent regulatory changes, technological advances and trends, and best practice for ensuring efficiency and compliance in any logistics facility or environment.

For more information, visit www.ritehite.com