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ASE Corporate Eye Care Ltd.

For over 25 years ASE Corporate Eyecare have offered complete eyecare solutions for VDU users, corporate drivers and prescription safety eyewear users – as well as more specialist forms of eyewear.

We have a raft of eyecare e-vouchers to meet your requirements and the service can be tailormade to your business.  It couldn’t be easier to manage and – with voucher codes that can be sent to mobile devices – simpler for your staff to redeem across the network of optical practices.

Our web-based administration and voucher delivery system allows offers complete legislative compliance and helps to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees.  All our products offer total compliance with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations, Personal Protective Equipment regulations and the Corporate Manslaughter Act. 



Innovative temple technology adds a further adjustment for frame inclination to the existing adjustable side length and Softflex-Fit temples making this the most personalised fit for all faces.

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