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Established in 1991 in Sleaford Lincolnshire Kiowa remains committed to providing high quality and cost effective industrial hose and fluid power products to customers throughout the UK and Europe from its network of 6 branches.

Kiowa continues to work in partnership with some of the best suppliers in the world such as Trelleborg, Merlett, Festo, Fosse Liquitrol,  Emco-Wheaton, Ramex, Blaklader Workwear and Roman Seliger.  This supply chain along with our branch network guarantees that Kiowa can support you in ensuring the smooth running of your business.

Kiowa have a clear understanding of the needs of their customers and have over the last 28 years developed a range of Site Services and products that adapt with the constant changes in Health & Safety legislation and new production methods.

Custom Made Products and Services:  Where standard products might not be appropriate Kiowa has the capacity and ability to engineer and build bespoke hose assemblies and hose reels suitable for your application.

Site Surveys:  Along with their suppliers Kiowa can help you choose the correct product for your business based on your health & safety time frame, costs and application.

The following surveys are available:

  • Hose & Hose Assemblies
  • Loading Arms
  • Spill Control
  • Hose Reels
  • Couplings
  • Workwear

Kiowa Ltd online www.kiowa.co.uk …we are continuing to set the online buying standard for industrial hoses, hose assemblies and fluid power products. Purchasing is quick and easy with unique features that help you manage your business.

  • Access to over 70,000 products online.
  • Create an online account that ties up with your business account with us.
  • Volume price breaks, your agreed discounts and special net prices will be displayed online whenever you log on.
  • Create and save lists of frequently bought products.
  • Loyalty Points
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Other Branches:

Kiowa Ltd (Head Office)

The Reservation

East Road



NG34 7BY

T: 01529 415551

E: sales@kiowa.co.uk


Unit 3

Chollerton Drive

North Tyne Industrial Estate

Whitley Road, Benton

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE12 9SZ

T: 0191 2709730



Unit 3

Greenbank Place,

East Tullos Industrial Estate


AB12 3BT

T: 01224 890339



1 Barton Road

Riverside Park Industrial Estate




T: 01642 762266

E: teessidesales@kiowa.co.uk


Unit 9

Currock Road Trade Centre




T: 01228 530010

E: carlislesales@kiowa.co.uk


72 Dykehead Street

Queenslie Industrial Estate


G33 4AQ


T: 0141 7746200

E: glasgowsales@kiowa.co.uk


Hi-Vis Reels

Hose and Cable management has now become a major factor in health and safety along with improving efficiency in the workplace.

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Slow Reaction

Hose and Cable management is a major factor in health and safety in the workplace and the Kiowa AV Slow Retraction reel is a must.

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Slow Reaction Power Coated

Hose and Cable management is a major factor in health and safety in the workplace and the Kiowa AV Slow Retraction Powder Coated reel is a must

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RS Loading Arm

The RS system meets the highest safety requirements and benefits the process, people and workplace as well as your budget while making work much more easy and efficient.

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Handle Tech

Handle-Tech Hose & Pipe Safety Handles are an innovative tool designed to improve safety and efficiency for manual handling of hose and pipe.

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Workwear providing maximum protection for welders, electricians, industrial workers and groups exposed to electrical hazards, fire and heat risk, liquid chemicals and harsh outdoor environments.

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From 1" to 6" in a wide range of material options, TODO-MATIC® Dry-Break® couplings offer advanced fluid handling solutions for a diverse range of industries.

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Whipcheck Safety Cables A-D

Whipcheck Safety Cables prevent hose whipping in the event of a coupling failing or failure of compressed air and other high-pressure connections.

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Kiowa Tube Bag Spill Kits

Portable, easy to carry emergency spill kits that offer an effective and immediate response to spills of oils, chemicals and hazardous liquids.

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The TODO Next Generation Break-Away has been designed to eliminate spillage and damage associated with drive away/pull away incidents when loading and unloading hazardous liquids.

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