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Master key protects residents

31 July 2017

A highly-secure Master Key Suite system, installed by Delta Security, the CCTV and access control specialist, is helping to protect residents within properties managed by Brick By Brick, a London-based charity that provides permanent and temporary housing for people with homeless status. 

The Evva EPS Master Key Suite system provides the Brick By Brick housing managers with one key that can be used to open all flats within its Old Kent Road, Queen’s Road and Trafalgar Avenue properties. The 6-pin security keys cannot be copied, each key can be identified and tracked with a unique coding, and only Delta Security can provide replacements. The properties have been fitted with individual locks that replace a dual locking system.

Isabelle Gravenstein, general manager at Brick By Brick, said: “Residents now only require one key for their properties, and the doors have a ‘roll-on’ locking system, whereby they do not lock when the door closes, rather are required to be locked when leaving the property. Both enhancements have significantly reduced the number of occasions where residents lock themselves out.”

The system is also beneficial for housing managers: “All housing managers now carry one key and can access any property should the need arise while making a site visit."