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Easi-Dec Access Systems Ltd.

Easi-Dec manufactures a range of industrial and domestic access products for safe working at height. Access platforms from Easi-Dec provide a safe, cost-effective alternative to scaffolding.

Easi-Dec offers a range of simple rapid solutions to access problems, saving time and money and ensuring safe working at height. The range encompasses roof access platforms including fragile roof access, ladder safety products and solar array installation systems. Excellence in health and safety is a core value of Easi-Dec. The platforms are tested to European standards and are used by many local authorities, installers and contractors.

Easi-Dec is part of the Kee Safety Group, a leading global supplier of fall protection equipment such as roof edge guardrail, roof walkway, life lines and portable man anchor systems as well as Kee Klamp® tubular fittings and BeamClamp® steelwork fixings.




Easi-Dec Access Platform

The Easi-Dec access platform provides simple, safe rapid access up to roof line level, whilst spanning building obstructions such as porches and bay windows.

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Roofline System

The Roofline System is one or more Easi-Dec platforms linked securely with our Catwalk to form a continuous fully-guarded platform.

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Mono Dec

The Mono-Dec platform is designed for the single worker to safely get up to height in less than 6 minutes.

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Window Dec

Window-Dec is a purpose designed access platform, incorporating a lifting mechanism for replacement windows.

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Solar Platform

The Solar Platform is purpose designed with the help of the solar industry.

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Solar Access System

The Solar Access System has been designed to gain safe access up to roof level,

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Solar Ladder

The Solar Ladder has been designed to offer a safe, practical way of working when installing or maintaining solar panel arrays.

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Board Walk

Easi-Dec offers Industrial Roof Access equipment designed to overcome the challenges with working on fragile roofs,

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Valley Walk

Valley-Walk, a part of Easi-Dec Industrial Roof Access equipment range,

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Walk-Thru Stairwell Access

The clever design of Walk-Thru provides users with a stable working platform above a staircase, whilst still allowing access up the stairs to the first floor.

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