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Castle Offering free training to H&S Professionals

09 August 2018

CASTLE GROUP Ltd has announced that it’s providing UK health and safety professionals with free training places on its upcoming seminars in 2018.

It’s widely understood that the benefits of job training are extensive, enriching the careers of individuals as well as helping organisations achieve results, but sourcing effective training can be a difficult when working to a limited budget.

According to a study conducted by Educations Media Group (News and Training, 2018):

  • The joint biggest challenge when searching for training was “getting training for competitive pricing”;
  • 43% of organisations have an annual training budget of less than £500 per person; and
  • The most preferred learning style was “Public / Scheduled Courses” with 42%.

Castle Group Ltd training administrator Paul Bartle explained: Staff development is important for employers, but there is an extra importance when it comes to employees with health and safety responsibilities in order to provide the best protection for your employees. With limited training budgets available, we understand that fulfilling this training can be difficult.

That’s why we’re running these seminars and inviting Health and Safety professionals to attend free of charge.“.

Training places can be reserved for Free

For the remainder of 2018, Castle are hosting three seminars that are completely free to attend for any health and safety professional, or anyone with responsibilities over the well-being of employees whilst they’re at work. The subjects covered are Noise at WorkVibration at Work and Monitoring Employee Safety in Hazardous Areas.

Places can be reserved online at – https://www.castlegroup.co.uk/free-seminars