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Donations are in the bag

05 December 2018

TC Facilities Management (TCFM) have created a national charity partnership to help the British Heart Foundation achieve its aim of beating heartbreak forever.

The partnership commenced six weeks ago and has set its sights on raising £5K of funds for the charity that conducts ground-breaking research in to heart and circulatory diseases and their causes.

Heart and circulatory diseases kill 1 in 4 people in the UK, causing heart break in every street. Fiona Ellingham, marketing manager at TCFM, has had a number of family members affected by heart conditions including a niece who required a heart transplant aged just five and a brother who thanks to a special pacemaker, his heart is able to maintain a stable rhythm to keep him alive.

“Speaking with other colleagues at TCFM, it became very apparent that I was not alone in having family members affected and so the partnership was born," Fiona said.

"At the moment, our colleagues are busy having clear outs at home and filling bags with unwanted items that can be sold in the BHF stores across the country. In the last 6 weeks colleagues from all over the country have collected more than 50 of the 300 (minimum) bags of items we’re aiming for."

Fiona concluded: "We have a number of other activities planned through the year that will not only raise funds for BHF but will also train people in how to do CPR, something which saved my brother’s life over 2 years ago.”