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New for 2017! – HSM Campaign Hub
For the health & safety manager in need of expert advice, there are a wide range of campaigns, projects and strategies to choose from. Spearheaded by the Health & Safety Executive's 'Helping Great Britain Work Well' campaign, a plethora of projects have been developed by organisations such as BSIF, BOHS, IOSH, Safety Groups UK and many more.
Utilising our print and digital products, HSM is bringing all of if this expertise together to provide a central resource which will enable health & safety managers to easily access the most relevant projects for their needs. We will be exploring various campaigns that cover a number of health & safety sectors as follows:
Campaign Hub Themes + issue dates
February: BOHS – Breathe Freely campaign
March: HSE Helping Great Britain Work Well
April: Clean Air, Take Care + Respiratory Protection feature
May/June: Healthy Workplaces
July: Working at Height
September: LOcHER Project

Campaign Hub Articles

31 January 2017

The HSM Campaign Hub provides you with information on the latest health & safety initiatives and how you can get involved. This issue, we examine the BOHS' Breathe Freely Campaign. Tracey Boyle, president of BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, explains how the Breathe Freely message has been gaining traction since its launch, and why safeguarding the lungs of the nation’s workers is so crucial to achieving a healthy working environment for everyone.

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